P.G. Diploma in Ayurveda

1 Aims & Objectives: The aim of this course is to provide indepth knowledge of Ayurveda to foreign doctors in the following subjects.
i) Basic Principles of Ayurveda including Swasthavritta (Hygiene and positive Health).
ii) The Fundamentals of Materia Medica and Pharmaceutics (Dravyguna, Rasa-Shastra, Bhaishajya Kalpana).
iii) The Fundamentals of Diagnosis and Pathogenesis (Nidan).
iv) The Fundamentals of Treatment (Chikitsa) and Panchkarma (Internal Purification) - demonstration and practicals of varies massage therapies.
v) Rasayana (Geriatrics and Rejuvenation Therapy).
vi) Fundamentals of Surgery (Shalya) including Ksharasutra (Alkaline thread cauterisation), Agnikarma (cautersiation), Jalakavacharana (Leech Application) etc.
vii) Practical demonstration of varies techniques of treatment.
viii) Preparation of Herbal Medicines.
ix) Prenatal & Postnatal health care of women and child health care.
2 Duration: One year.
3 Eligibility This course is primarily meant for doctors from modern medical background.
4 Qualifying age: Not recommended.
5 Medium of Instruction: English.
6 No. of Seats: 10
7 Admission criteria: Selection on merit.
8 Fees: Registration fees US$ 20/- Tuition fees US$ 475/- per month
9 Contact: For foreign Nationals :

Certificate course in Ksharasutra
Duration: Six months/One year, Eligibility: Graduation in Ayurveda/Modern Medicine/ Traditional System of Medicine.
Certificate course in Panchkarma
Duration: Six months/One year, Eligibility : Degree holders of Ayurveda/Modern medicine/Traditional System of Medicine

For Indian Doctors- subject to minimum of 5 students.
For Indian Doctors- subject to minimum of 5 students.