Master degree in Medicinal Plants Sciences- M. Sc. (Medicinal Plants)

Aims & Objects

(1) To adopt multidisciplinary approach for comprehensive teaching of all aspects related to medicinal plants.

(2) To generate skilled manpower to meet the present and future requirement of human resources in the field of medicinal plant resources development.

(3) To provide distinctive education and training on all aspects of medicinal plants.

Duration: 2 years



Graduate in any of the following disciplines: Botany as a subject in Graduation, Pharmacy, Agriculture or Ayurveda.


Minimum 20 years

Starting of Session

July, each year.

Number of Students in one academic session

15 (Few seats are reserved for Foreign students)

Medium of teaching


Course Contents (Brief outlines): The course has been divided into 3 parts.

(a) Medico-Botanical Sciences,

(b) Agricultural Sciences,

(c) Phytochemical and pharmaceutical Sciences, Including material, Personnel and resources management.

Medico-Botanical Sciences

(a) Introduction to medicinal plants.

(b) Morphological Studies of the plants.

(c) Areas of occurrence and ecological studies.

(d) Important identifying characters.

(e) Useful parts and their specific characters, properties and uses. Season & method of collection of different parts viz. root, stem, bark, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds and exudates.

Agricultural Sciences

(a) Area, Land and Topography

(b) Soil Conditions

(c) Preparation of the land for cultivation

(d) Nursery

(e) Sowing, Germination and Transplanting

(f) Irrigation

(g) Use of fertilizers and manures

(h) Care from fungi, pests, etc.

(i) Weeding and harvesting

phytochemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

a. Macro/Microscopic, Chemical, Pharmacognostical and Pharmacological studies of the crude drugs (Both modern & Ayurvedic aspects)

b. Material, personnel and recourses management aspects related to medicinal plant resources development

c aspects of formulation development

d. Dravyaguna vigyana

Mode of Examination

Annual, at the end of each academic year.


Rs.40000 per annum in 4 installments for Indian Students and US $ 200 per month for foreigners- 40%concession in Tuition fee and registration fee for candidates from SAARC countries and NRI sponsored candidates.

Application fee

Rs. 1000 (US$ 20 for foreign students)


Foreign students will be provided accommodation in International Scholarrs Hostel. At present there is no hostel facility for candidates from India.

Admission Proceedure:

Applications invited from qualified candidates through Uni. website and news paper ad, during June every year. Admission on the basis of merit followed by couseling.