Indian Institute of Ayurved Pharmaceutical Sciences

The past decade has witnessed a tremendous surge of interest in Ayurvedic medicine throughout the world. To fulfill the worldwide present and projected requirement for high quality drugs of Ayurveda and other allied traditional systems of medicine and also the necessity to control and maintain their quality in accordance with latest international G.M.P.and G.L.P. concepts, high quality qualified technologists of this branch will be required. To fulfill this gap Gujarat Ayurveda University has established Institute of Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Sciences as an autonomous and self-financing body in 1999 to run the courses in Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical sciences.

This Institute conducts following courses.

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Ayurveda)- B. Pharm. (Ayu)

Diploma of Pharmacy (Ayurveda)- D. Pharm. (Ayu)

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