Future Activities

Gujarat Ayurved University works to serve as a custodian of classical knowledge of Ayurved and to develop competent human resources for practice, teaching and research in Ayurveda. It has a perspective plan and vision for the development. To achieve targeted goals, various committees are constituted like Senate, Syndicate, P.G. Board, Board of Studies, Academic Council, Development Board, Board of Sports and Student Welfare, Scientific Advisory Committee, Exam Control Board, Building Committee, Finance Committee, etc. These committees provide guidance and technical inputs in various activities like designing, refining of curriculum and syllabus of different courses, budget, and placement plan etc. Currently, the university ranking is 321 and it is planned to enter into top 50 Universities in forthcoming years. For this, the university has a perspective plan and vision.

Vision and Mission

University has a perspective plan as Vision 2021 in order to reach excellence in Healthcare, teaching, research and development, industry interaction, human resource planning and development, etc.

The University is pioneer for teaching and learning of Ayurveda. The affiliated institutes and colleges grabbed national repute for their outstanding achievements. In addition to the current activities, university has a vision to scale the new heights. It is planning

To establish different national centers to take care of number of new initiatives for the globalization of Ayurveda. There is a need to establish centre of excellence in many important areas and subjects in Ayurveda, which are difficult to be put into formal academic frame work. Thus, it is being planned to establish National centers for focused activities in a particular subject. Under this framework the below schools are proposed to be established.

  • School of Maulika Vijnana Shastras (Basic Sciences)
  • School of Bheshaja Vijanana Shastras (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • School of Chikitsa Vijnana Shastras (Clinical Sciences)
  • School of Management Studies for Ayurvedic Sector

Working committee of AYUSH on 12th Five Year Plan has suggested establishing one Institute dealing with the courses of pharmaceutical sciences of AYUSH in the Central Sector Scheme for educational Institutes. Considering this suggestion, it has been proposed to recognize Institute of Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Sciences (IIAPS) as institute of national importance in Ayurveda Pharmacy Education.

To develop innovative teaching methodologies as that of pedagogy / micro teaching in the field of Ayurveda.

To motivate the faculty to undergo training programs to improve their skills.

To organize national and international level of seminars / workshops in the university.

Research is the primary focus of the university. An exclusive Dept. of Projects is established in the campus that coordinates and supervises the projects being carried-out by the university. Another body - Technical and Research Committee (TRC) is also available in the campus that manages researches of different categories. In further years, it is planned to...

Promote researches aiming to generate evidences that disseminate potentiality of Ayurveda system at global levels.

Encourage the faculty to submit more and more research projects to national funding agencies in collaboration with organizations of science and technology.

To inculcate further good writing skills in the faculties and increase number of publications in reputed indexed journals.

A peer reviewed Ayurveda Journal - AYU – included in PubMed is being published from the campus. Attempts will be made to have an impact factor for this.

Encourage the faculty to publish books or contribute chapters in books that are based on the syllabus.

USCE to be recognized as training center for CME program for faculty and technical staff of Ayurveda

It is planned to establish National centers for focused activities, there is a need to identify future human resources and financial involvement. This will be communicated to the competent authorities in due course of time.

To become state of art in the field; there is a need to take steps to attract the best talents and retain them in the university for long. Strategies will be made for the same too.

Faculties are encouraged to attend the faculty development program regularly.

With an intension to propagate Ayurveda and to provide healthcare services in the rural areas; the university frequently conducts Ayurveda Sarvaroga Nidana Chikitsa Camp (Health Camps) through community based out-reach activities. In addition to this, the university also runs satellite OPDs in the periphery of the city. The services are extended to all the three defense wings (Air Force, Army and Navy), old age homes, central jail etc. Health survey camps are also being conducted in the schools to estimate nutritional, immunization status and provide appropriate guidelines. In coming years

University intends to continue these services in future and provide comprehensive, affordable, quality medical services to the needful irrespective of caste and religion.

Considering the demands and looking into the need; the frequency of health camps, blood donation camps, and other health awareness camps will be increased.

While meeting the needs of the society; national health policies, priority areas of Ministry of AYUSH, NRHM etc. will be considered.

Since beginning, the university is interacting with different leading industries. There is representation from industries in Scientific Advisory committees etc., who provides technical inputs and need of the industry at regular intervals. Industries also conduct campus interviews for job seekers. As a part of curriculum, students visit the industries to upgrade their knowledge. In addition, university plans to

Increase both the frequency of visit and number of industries to understand and learn bulk manufacturing of drugs.

Arrange a guest lecture series by eminent people from industries to update current trends.

Since beginning, the university is center of attraction for foreigners. Scholars from different countries visit this University to attend various courses. Considering this, the University broadened its objectives and set a goal to popularize Ayurveda globally and has signed a number of MoUs with many international organizations. In coming years, attempts will be made to

Interact with members of BIMSTEC, SEAR countries for exchange of knowledge.

Interact with countries where Ayurveda Chairs are established for possible collaborative events.

To be associated with various activities being organized by WHO.

Foreign Student in the University

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Future Activities

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