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Journal  on Shareera Kriya  
3 Journal  on Shareera Rachana 1  
4 Journal  on Shareera Rachana 2  
5 Journal on Dravyaguna Certificte for practical 2nd BAMS  
6 Journal on Dravyaguna Certificte for herbarium prepartion 2nd BAMS  
7 Journal on Dravyaguna Experimental study Sample 2nd BAMS  
8 Journal on Dravyaguna Experimental study 2nd BAMS  
9 Journal on Dravyaguna index Record 2nd BAMS  
10 Journal on Dravyaguna Practical examination guideline 2nd BAMS  
11 Journal on Dravyaguna Records of herbarium sheets 2nd BAMS  
12 Journal on Final practical RSBK 2nd BAMS  
13 Journal on Agad 2nd BAMS  
14 Journal Injury report 2nd BAMS  
15 Journal Post mortem format 2nd BAMS  
16 Journal Weapon Report 2nd BAMS  
17 Agadtantra_Performa for Court Posting-Case Record  
18 Journal on Kaumarbhritya-KB_neonatal___bala_rugna -BAMS 3rd year  
19 Journal on Prasuti Tantra -garbhini-case - BAMS 3rd year  
20 Journal on Prasuti Tantra -Prasuta-case NEW - BAMS 3rd year  
21 Journal on Prasuti Tantra -striroga-case - BAMS 3rd year  
22 Journal on Prasuti Tantra -Journal Documents - BAMS 3rd year  
23 Journal on Prasuti Tantra -Procedure form - BAMS 3rd year  
24 Journal on Prasuti Tantra -Sutika case - BAMS 3rd year  
25 Journal on Roga Nidan -Roga nidan journal-1 - BAMS 3rd year  
26 Journal on Roga Nidan -Roga nidan journal-2 - BAMS 3rd year  
27 Journal on Roga Nidan -Swasthvritta - BAMS 3rd year
28 Journal on Agadtantra_Performa for Court Posting-Case Record - BAMS 3rd year  
29 Journal on BOS KC Proposed KC 4th BAMS  
30 Journal on Revised PK translation 4th BAMS  
31 Journal on Shalakya_proforma 4th BAMS  
32 Journal on Shalya Tantra _english 4th BAMS  
33 Important notice related to Journal   
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