Gujarat Ayurved University - For Ayurvedic Research and Studies. We provide in depth knowledge of Ayurvedic drugs, their method of manufacturing and also their standardization and quality control aspects. Courses in Kaumarbhritya, Stri Roga and Prasuti Ta
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I have great pleasure in welcoming you to the website of Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar a pioneer statutory University in the field of Ayurveda established in 1967 that imparts teaching, training and research in various specialities of Ayurveda. University offers Certificate, Under Graduate, Post Graduate and PhD level of education in Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Medicinal Plant Sciences, and Yoga & Naturopathy. Work force developed by the University forms backbone of Ayurvedic Teaching, Research and Administration in India and at the global level. The vision of the University is to be an Institution par excellence for the Science of Ayurveda and Allied Sciences in teaching, training, treatment, research, extension, global promotion and propagation. In the last few years, the University has witnessed remarkable developments in various fields. The University has a number of international collaborations and has played a leadership role in organizing seminars, lectures and conferences.

These achievements have been recognized recently by Medscape India National Award for the category of Excellence in Ayurveda. World Health Organization have officially designated Institute for Post Graduate Teaching and Research in Ayurveda, a constituent institute of the university as WHO Collaborating Centre for Traditional Medicines in the field of Ayurveda. A peer review journal AYU that is PubMed included is also being published by us. We are also working in the fields of Pharmacovigilance for Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani Drugs, Developing Research Guidelines for Ayurvedic studies, Computer based Ayurveda e-learning etc.

More than 1500 patients visit the campus hospitals every day. In addition to the regular hospital activities; the faculty is involved in conducting health camps at regular intervals. University Conducts Seven Satellite OPDs once in a week in different areas of Jamnagar. This is the only Ayurveda organization that runs specialized OPDs at all the three defense organizations.

 पुरणमित्येव साधु सर्वं नचापि सर्वं नवमित्यवद्यं |
सनः परीक्श्तरत भजन्ते मूढः परप्रत्ययेन बुद्दिः ||

Concepts need not be valid just because they are old and mentioned in ancient texts and mythologies. Nor things are right if they are modern. Gentlemen test and then trust, fools believe what is told and written.

We are working in the direction of revalidating the age old concepts by following the strategies of current scenario. I hope that you make the best use of an opportunity to study at this University. I am confident that the faculty will inspire and motivate you to work hard and to engage in rigorous academic, clinical, research work reflecting a sense of passionate commitment to achieving excellence. I once again take this opportunity to welcome you to the University.

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