Gujarat Ayurved University - For Ayurvedic Research and Studies. We provide in depth knowledge of Ayurvedic drugs, their method of manufacturing and also their standardization and quality control aspects. Courses in Kaumarbhritya, Stri Roga and Prasuti Tantra, Panchkarma, RasaSastra, Shalya, Shalakya, Drvayaguna, Basic Principles etc.
Act, Rules, Regulations
1 University Act 9 Ph.D. Regulation
2 University Statute 10 Ordinance of Self Finance Institutes
3 University Ordinance 11 Recruitment Rules of GAU
4 P.G. General Regulation 12 P.G. Regulation
5 Recruitment Rules for BYNS 13 PGT SFC Regulations
6 Public Information Officers & Appellate Authority 14 Recruitment Rules of IPGT&RA
7 Leave/Conduct and General service rules    
8 IIAPS    
GAU - Institute for Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Science
List of Institutes Having MOU
AYU-Research Journal
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RTI Act.
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